Hamilton, New Zealand

Yes we design too!

Our team has been building websites for over 20 years.  We love bringing our clients ideas to life and carter from single page websites to e-commerce sites

We take the time to understand you and your business needs.  After gathering the information we need we can then design a website that represents your brand and helps you engage with your target audience.

We try to take away all the confusion technical jargon while still providing everything you need to know about your future website

Our design process

When we first begin we like to learn more about you and your business.  If you have an existing website we will go over this with you to see what you like/dont like

Next we move onto the design stage where we will layout your site in a wire-frame design.  This helps visually show you what we propose your site will look like before the building process

After the design has been approved we start the fun bit by building your new website.  At this stage you would have provided us with all the content and we would be sticking it all together

In the final steps we would provide you with a staging website so we can check off all the design requirements and most importantly make sure it all works!

If you have chosen to manage your own site we would provide training on doing basic tasks on your site before flicking the magic switch and making your site live to all your users

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