Our Server POP (point-of-presence) network architecture:

  1. Major POP @ 96 Lytton Road, Brisbane
  2. Minor POP @ PIPE DC2 - 127 Creek Street Brisbane CBD
  3. Minor POP @ Next-DC-B1 - Wharf Street Brisbane CBD
  4. Network POP @ Equinix, Sydney

Lytton RD – Major POP

  • Diverse Connections to Telstra fed by the 2 major Brisbane exchanges (Charlotte Street and Woolloongabba @ Dual 1Gbps (International Internet Transit))
  • Direct Connectivity to TPG @ 1Gbps
  • Direct Connectivity to QLD-IX @ 10Gbps
  • The Lytton road POP runs a redundant fibre ring via multiple 10Gbps connections to PIPE DC at 127 Creek Street

At PIPE DC we access:

  • Vocus 1GBPS - International Internet Transit
  • Sydney Intercaptial Link to Equinix @ 1Gbps
  • 10Gbps QLD-IX Peering
  • 1Gbps PIPE QLD Peering
  • 10Gbps MEGAPORT QLD Peering

Connects to NEXT-DC via multiple 10Gbps lines, where we access:

  • VOCUS Connection @ 1Gbps - International Internet Transit
  • QLD-IX Connection @ 10Gbps
  • Megaport Connection @ 10Gbps

Our Network POP in Equinix Sydney:
connects from PIPE DC via Intercapital link, where we access:

  • 1GBPS Equinix Sydney Peering
  • 1Gbps Vocus Sydney International Internet Transit
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